Desertphile's Desert Soliloquy

A dramatic or literary form of discourse in which a character reveals his or her thoughts when alone or unaware of the presence of other characters. b. A specific speech or piece of writing in this form of discourse. 2. The act of speaking to oneself. [From the Latin solus, alone; and loqui, to speak.]

People who wander the deserts tend to entertain themselves with musing about every conceivable topic, with thoughts of life and humanity's place in the universe dominating one's contemplations. This may be due to the fact that the environment they reside, work, and play in is trying hard to kill them. While no desert has ever been guilty of premeditated murder, deserts do seem to brood with a passive enmity for all living things; plants and animals, crows and kit foxes, coyotes and cactus, humans and honey bees.... the desert does not really play favorates. Deserts may be inhospitable, but they are never hostile; deserts may kill those creatures not fit enough to survive in them, but it is nothing personal. When one hikes across a desert, one takes one's chances, just like the buzzards and the jack rabbits.

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My Free Gold Maps web site. These are Google Maps that show gold mines and prospects in the USA (at the moment), grouped by county. There are many basic tools required to find and work mineral claims. The low-budget prospector only needs the three basics: a shovel, a bucket, and a gold pan (and a source of water) to get started; people who have been seized by the gold prospecting fever can end up buying, and perhaps even needing, equipment to work a prospect and turn it into a producing mine. To recover enough gold to make the labor worth doing, the three basics (above) are not enough. Some of the items used to recover gold are:

  • Classifiers, Screens and Sieves
  • Digging Tools - picks, rakes, shovels
  • Gold Pans and Gold Panning Kits
  • Dry Washers for desert areas
  • Highbankers (Power Sluice boxs)
  • Black Sand Concentrators
  • Hand Dredge
  • Rock Crusher / sample ore crusher
  • Crevice Tools
  • Snuffer Bottles
  • Miners Moss
  • Sluice Carpet Mat / ribbed vinyl matting
  • Metal detector
  • Face mask / dust mask
  • Digging Trowel
  • "Gold Cube" Concentrator
  • Automatic Gold Panners
  • Books on how to find gold

My Home Brew 2011 wine-making web page.
The Brave Cowboy Book review for Edward Abbey's "The Brave Cowboy."
Boat Delivery. An aborted boat delivery from California to Hawaii.
Solar Oven. Desertphile builds a solar oven: here's how.
On the Duty of the Citizen. Written June 1 2003. It is the duty of every citizen to criticize, censure and scourge the government.
Desertphile's Poetry. And you though I'd let you off easy, without subjecting you to my poems and songs?! Ha!
Desertphile Images. By popular demand, I have collected a few images of myself.
Navajo Indians. Here I have collected various Navajo-related material. Here are images of Navajo rugs, hogans, and land.
Religious Intolerance. Where I address the need to ignore other people's religions if they do not interest one.
"Amerindians" #1: White 'Indianphiles' borrowing what they believe to be "American Indian" spirituality. Is this irreverent, just silly, or both? I consider it disrespectful.
Bush's "Homeland Security" Will America survive the Hitlerization that George Bush has in mind? And why is Bush terrorizing American citizens?
"Caught" looking?! Wherein I don't accept drug money, and a young spinster gives me hell before my driver's test.
Dam Nation! The flooding of Glen Canyon. Powell would kill at the abuse of his good name.
The National Parking-lot Service. Vacationing in a metal cage: how to be a traveling hedonist and never leave your bucket seat. Thank you, National Parks Service!
Bush and Hussein: Twins. Different countries, same mentality. Herein I offer suggestions on how to save America from low-IQ Presidents.
Hey Hey Yah-Tah-Hey Very much NOT the new Navajo National Anthem. Most Dine' would find this song unamusing. I wrote it after reading about current government abuse against the Dine' and against Dinetah. "Yah tah hey" means, more or less, "Welcome to my home."
Stupid Paleface Tricks. Many things about my society I object to; many things I love and cherish. In this essay I have written about the former.
These historical documents are a collection of books and other texts that I have collected, scanned in, and rendered into modern electronic formats. They are in general grouped by the following classifications:

1) American Indians (mostly Mohave / Macave)
2) Western and Southwestern USA
3) Sciences, such as evolution
4) Religion, such as Creationism
5) The Mormon / LDS cult
6) Americana / Humor
7) Naval history / voyages

Hobo Glyphs If you are a hobo, let us suppose you are considering going to a house and asking for food. Is there an ill-tempered man living in the house? Well! If you see this glyph (to the left) written in chalk on the ground near the house, you'd know the answer is "Yes!" This link will show you nearly four dozen symbols you, as a hobo, need to know.
Occult Crime: a Law Enforcement Primer The special report issued by the Caliofnria Department of Justice. Is "occult crime" a problem? Does it even exist? This report answers these questions.
Petroglyphs This page links to a collection of desert petroglyphs, both ancient ("American Indian") and modern (made by myself). Included is the Rochester Panel.
SB Springs Where is the water in the Mojave (San Barnardino County) desert? Here is a list of springs. MANY OF THEM ARE DRY. The list includes Latitude and Longitude for those of us who hike with hand-held GPS units. Note that several different springs have the same names: check the USGS Map Designation to determine which spring you are looking for.
All Things Adobe The adobe page contains items related to building with adobe bricks. Images of photographs are here, plus my thoughts on how to make bricks, plan for solar heating (called "solar gain"), and other fun topics. Photogalvanic power cells are also discussed here.
Desert Images The pictures page contains images of the desert, taking by Desertphile or his kin. The collection includes plants, animals, sunsets, and landscapes. These images may give the viewer an understanding of why the desert is worthy of affection.
Desert History There is much one could say and show about the land and the people who inhabited the land. This link give a tiny fraction of the stories that one could tell about them, using images.
Cowboys & Bandits Fast Draw: the fastest sport on the planet. From start to finish, this sport takes around 4/10ths of a second (less if one is good at it, more if one ain't). Folks also enjoy Cowboy Action Shooting. One may look here to see my fancy cowboy outfit!
Gold! There is gold out there, just waiting for someone to pick up, exchange for paper or electronic money, and make that person's life bliss. Well, sort of--- extracting gold is hard work! And one must find it first.
Devil's Canyon Devil's Canyon, Utah. Here are a few images.
GISS Data GISS global temperature anomalies in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. CO2 data from 1959 included.