Site "A" Larger Bench

Site "A" Stock Tank

Site "A" Larger Bench

Wild Burros

Trying Adobe Bricks

Aircraft Beacon Shed, WWII

Author at Bull Spring

Clark Mountain

Coyote Hole Spring

Coyote Hole Spring, Water Basin

Coyote Hole Spring

Halloran Spring

Cree Camp (White Speck), Sand'bos Shelter

Cree Camp, Sand'bos Shelter

Avawatz Mountains

Ibix Spring

Ibix Spring

Hepatitis Spring

Kingstone Spring, Travertine

Kingstone Wash (Pedleg Smith Route)

Solomon's Knob

Clark Mountain

Shadow Valley

Silver Lake and Avawatz

Vehicle Stuck in Shale

The Author, Rocky Hand

CENTER: A typical rocky seep in the Mojave Desert. When seeps are located within washes, the seeps gets swept free of brush by flooding every 5 or 10 years.

The Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad Right-of-way (With Giant Plug)